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After spending over 40 years in the financial services sector, Bryan Marcus talks about his love for teaching

Bryan Marcus
Former Regional CEO| Volkswagen Financial Services AG
Former Managing Director |  Volkswagen Financial Services, UK
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Bryan Marcus is a highly experienced and effective leader, with an extensive portfolio of transferable skills seeking NED, interim and consulting opportunities in the financial services sector. He has led corporate and PE-owned regulated businesses and is known for building and motivating collaborative, cross-functional teams.

Connect2Teach: How would you like to describe your work experience in Latin America?

Bryan: Back in Latin America, some business operations want themselves to be regarded as separate entities. So there is very little opportunity to teach and manage. In addition to this, there are cultural, financial and fiscal challenges for each country which differ remarkably from other parts of the world. Even though there are developing countries, there is a distinct lack of maturity.

Somebody coming from Europe & America, hoping to run or lead a business in that part of the world, needs to have a very different mindset, a completely different set of expectations and manage people in a very different  way.

Connect2Teach: Would you be interested in taking the role of a lecturer in a university on a part-time basis or just teach in general?

Bryan: Absolutely. I am very interested in sharing my experiences with other people, whether they are students, post graduates or business people. I feel very comfortable in a lecturing dialogue and coaching situation which I have done a lot in Volkswagen and also at a number of conferences. I would love to share my experiences with future generations.

Connect2Teach: You started a consulting firm called Autogenesis Consulting three years back. How would you like to describe your journey ?

Bryan: AutoGenesis Consulting is essentially a one-man business, but I have significant contacts, particularly in the automotive finance industry. I’ve done some social work for Ernst & Young, internationally as well as in the UK. In parallel, I’ve also been non-executive chairman of a business which is looking at digital applications in automotive finance in the UK.

I’m still very much in contact with the auto financial services world and I still have a strong network. I do a lot of sharing, consulting as well as coaching under the AutoGenesis space.

Connect2Teach: Could you highlight your experience of mentoring, coaching or even teaching people at Volkswagen?

Bryan: Yes, absolutely. Volkswagen developed an initiative which was essentially an internal MBA for their high potential employees. I was involved in structuring the programme and was also a regular lecturer on the programme, making presentations and conducting workshops.

As part of the programme, you would be asked to mentor individuals, teach people in their early 30s, identify those going on to director-level positions and it’s not just coaching for the period of the programme. You would continue to coach once people have left the programme, an opportunity to discuss things, feedback, things outside the line management regime.

When I left Volkswagen, one of the first things I did was, spend about four-five months as a consultant, working for the same company, revamping, upgrading and re-energising the programme.

Connect2Teach: How do you perceive the idea of a platform like Connect2Teach and how would you use it?

Bryan: I work with a number of knowledge-sharing platforms already and I think that they work very well, particularly when the client or the intermediary gives a very clear brief to the expert. So I’m familiar working with digital platforms. But this is how it works in the commercial sector. So there is a special way in which the educational sector can tap into expertise.

You give students a lot of knowledge & information, but in many cases, when they come into the work arena, they’re not prepared fully to deal with the challenges of working in a commercial operation. So it’s not about transferring knowledge and experience, but it’s about the flow of information from the lecturing environment to a coaching and mental environment.

If you talk to very senior people in any sector, they’re always very happy to share their knowledge and if you give them a platform to communicate that to other people, they’re usually very interested in that, as I am. Leaders are very open to sharing their knowledge with universities & students. I think technology is driving the boundaries between different industries and sectors and transferring experience and understanding between sectors are very important opportunities. Some sectors are better at it than others. They are more open to it and others are more closed and insular. But there is no doubt that open platforms help in the development of all sorts of new initiatives.

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