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Praveen Johri, Director of Sales at Ericsson believes that outside experts help not lose sight of the larger business context

Why is it important to bring in external experts to teach at corporates? Why should more industry experts share their knowledge at universities? Connect2Teach expert Praveen Johri shares his insights.

Praveen has over 27 years of cross-functional experience in Global Telecom Industry covering Sales and Account Management, Contracts Management, Operations & Project Management in customer-facing roles. Over the years he has gained insights into leadership, how to deal with complex minds and why constant up-skilling is essential for business success. Now he looks forward to sharing his knowledge through Connect2Teach.

How do you perceive the idea of a platform like Connect2Teach and how would you use it?

Connect2Teach is an excellent initiative that is not only unique in many ways but also extremely relevant in the current context when the change curve has assumed an exponential trajectory and is difficult to keep pace with. To stay relevant, learning and constant adaptation to the ever-changing context around us is vital for all.

Deep insights attained through dealing with a certain situation or problem and failures or setbacks in a live environment is vastly different than what one can learn in a classroom. This unique platform attempts to bridge the gap between academia and the industry by roping in the constellation of experts and achievers who have gone through the rigours of work life in the corporate world and channelize their ambitions for a cause that it champions.

Connect2teach is an empowering platform for those who are driven by an ambition to make a difference in society by sharing their imbibed wisdom with those who can potentially benefit from it.

Very often, while dealing with complex issues, one can easily lose sight of the larger business context. Outside-in view from the experts and from those who have dealt with similar issues often brings an unbiased, objective and rational approach to the problem-solving.


What makes you want to get back into the classroom? What appeals to you about teaching?

I am driven by innate altruistic fervour and always envisioned giving back to the society at a certain stage in life. Mentorship by leveraging your own experiences and making a meaningful contribution in bridging the gulf that exists between academia and the industries is certainly an exciting proposition.

What attracts me to the classroom is unbridled infectious intellectual energy that emanates from free-flowing discussions and interactions with bright individuals.

It renders an opportunity to shape and influence the lives of ambitious career-seekers. And beauty is that one grows intellectually as well and the whole process makes it mutually rewarding for all.


How would you like to describe your work experience across the different geographies you have worked in?

In my experience, business leadership; regardless of the geographies; is all about dealing with people and channelizing their respective strengths in pursuit of a shared vision or a strategic goal.

The common trait among successful business leaders is that they all deal with complex mindsets, rigid cultural values, conflicting priorities, strong opinions and varying acumen levels with aplomb and yet constantly seek excellence in pursuit of shared objectives.

I have travelled and lived in many countries as part of my work responsibilities. In my opinion, dealing with different people and culture has been the most rewarding part beside of course rendering my business obligations for which I am there in the first place.

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